Tabular Alumina

Tabular aluminas are fully shrunk coarse crystalline alpha aluminas that have been converted to their corundum form. Tabular alumina is produced by sintering ball-formed, intermediately burned calcined alumina at a temperature just under the 2040º C melting point of aluminum oxide. These tabular alumina balls are then crushed, graded or screened, ground and blended to a wide range of granular or powdered particle size distributions. Our tabular alumina is available as low or ultra-low soda, de-ironed and de-dusted and in a wide variety of packages. The typical properties of tabular alumina are: • Chemical inertness – resistant to most alkalis and mineral acids • High-density • Low water absorption • Extreme hardness • High thermal conductivity • Good resistance to thermal and mechanical shock • High heat capacity • High electrical resistance • Excellent abrasion resistance